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"I'm going to be so mad at you if I end up traumatised by this."

Brandon... did not know what an escape room was. Or, at least, he hadn't known until Remi had kindly volunteered him to attend with her, at which point he'd done his research because duh. Though he was a little uncertain about the concept, there was no denying his low-level excitement over the fact that all this was basically like being thrown right into a puzzle. Brandon would be all over that.

Or maybe he wouldn't, given he was already a confused. Was... was the 'tell me where to stand' guy a part of the experience? Had they already started? Or was he a participant, and was the potential shirt-off situation something Brandon should have been prepared for? He wasn't going shirtless. Brandon had spent a long time picking out this outfit - his new black and silver paisley shirt was complemented well by his favourite dark teal blazer and black jeans. White sneakers too, which contrasted drastically with the rest in an effect Brandon enjoyed, though perhaps it could do with some other accessories to balance that out...

... The point was, the outfit was staying. Shirt stayed on, with everything else.

Pulled from his thoughts, Brandon wrinkled his nose slightly before giving a surreptitious little eye roll for Remi's benefit only, choosing to believe that this guy was one of those who just liked taking his shirt off wherever he went and assumed everyone liked to see it. Time and a place, man. C'mon.

All the same, when Remi was focused on signing them in, Brandon briefly cut his eyes across to try and catch a better glimpse of that business card. For future reference. Just to see. Shut up.

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