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Default Remington Marchbanks - 20, WU Edinburgh
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Remington Marchbanks had never been to an escape room before, but she'd heard all about them from a couple of her muggleborn friends and they sounded right up her alley for this former Ravenclaw. And when she heard about a magical escape room opening up, she knew she had to check it out.

Remi was not one of those types to go alone and just make friends with whoever was there. Instead, she signed up her brother along with herself and dragged him with her. Once there, she vaguely recognized many of the people already there as people from Hogwarts while she was there, but none of them memorable enough for her to know their names.

They'd arrived just in time to hear the guy with the man-bun offer to take off his shirt..? "...what.." She'd not been privy to any information about disrobing being a part of this. "Ew." She turned to give Brandon a look like, can you believe this guy? They weren't even in the room yet and she already wanted to escape.

Hearing the woman who was presumably in charge ask for names and seeing others approach her, Remi followed suit. "Remington Marchbanks and Brandon Marchbanks," she added, gesturing to her brother, to sign them both in.
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