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Atlas had moved himself and his study materials down the long table and away from Aries once he had fallen asleep. A protective measure, you see, in case his brother started to snore or drool and it dripped on to his notes and smeared the ink. Had this every happened before? Not that he could recall. Aries did not have a habit of using his perfectly aligned stacks of notes for pillows. His brother was more likely to use his lap for that...which was another reason for the move. He did have every intention of waking his brother up, eventually, and his self imposed deadline had been the end of his revision of his Transfiguration notes from class last week.

Atlas had not liked the way he had organized things a redo was in order.

However, it seemed like someone else had beaten him to the task (and Aries was having that flying troll dream again, maybe he would use his brother for his Oneiromancy assignment he still needed to start) ...which freed Atlas up to continue with dotting all his i's and crossing all his t's. His attention was, unfortunately, divided...and he kept glancing out of the corner of his eye to see what his brother and their younger peer was up to...especially in light of the conversations he and Aries had been having lately about...things. Social circles. Their square pegs.

And he wasn't aware that one of his meticulously place stacks of notes was beginning to shift sideways on the table away from him.

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