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So. Listen.

He did not know why he was here.

He had simply been handed a piece of paper by his manager with an address and instructions for what time to be there by. Assuming it was a photoshoot of some sort, one oddly endorse by his life coach Jericho, he had arrived as instructed and taken his sweet time double, triple, and quadruple checking the establishment's address to be sure he had not made THAT mistake again before stepping inside - and just in time for the cute hostess to mention refreshments. Juice was an interesting choice for a photoshoot as was the name for this studio, he had to admit, and even more curious a sight were the other...uh...models?

He literally recognized no one and he had been in the business since he was 17 and dropped out of Hogwarts meeeeeeeere months from completing his requirements (academia was overrated anyway, yeah?). Maybe that was the point? Jericho was always telling him that he needed to broaden his social circles as part of his recovery and rehabilitation program. Sure, why not?

"Uh, James Summers," James greeted as he approached the woman and pulled out one of his business cards. Just standard protocol and professionalism, you know. Speaking of knowing...she probably already knew who he was. He was pretty sure that was him on one of the covers of the magazines over there in the waiting space. It was an...unusual set up. Where even were the lighting crew and photographers? Make-up artists? Were they just posing in what they came in? "Just tell me where to stand and if you'll be needing me with my shirt on or off."

Usually he was asked to take it off, underwear and jeans being the majority of his portfolio, but one never knew.

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