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A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

Daniel tried hard not to roll his eyes at Haven’s comment. He could feel the attitude in the tone of her voice. Although, it was true that he hadn’t come to the party for her. If Lisa hadn’t asked, he wouldn’t have bothered coming at all. ”No. I didn’t” he answered brutally honest before turning to look in the direction of the entrance as the door BANGED open.

Great. He was at a party where people didn’t even know how to properly open up a door. He wasn’t familiar with the girl (Antonia) apart from seeing her in class. Not even bothering to say hello to the others entering the room as well, Daniel turned to Lisa and judging from her expression, he had offended her in some way.

Wait. Hold up. She considered him one of her BEST friends? AND he had been her FIRST friend at Hogwarts? He never knew that, he always assumed that V had been her first friend. ”Right… sorry i’m not used to this” Like, how did one even behave at parties?

Half-Batman… He had nearly forgotten about that nickname but instead of looking annoyed at Serena, the corner of his mouth slightly raised in to a smile. He never disliked the nickname, his older brother was the one who hated nicknames , he surprisingly embraced them. Unless they were awful. Then he’d have a problem with it. ”Serena” he said as he moved away from Lisa to stand next to the Slytherin and he held up his hand.

”You owe me money”
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