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One thing that had never changed for Hady, was her love of adventure. Somehow though she had missed the fliers that had been around advertising this escape room. Adi hadn't however. And there was no way she was going to turn this down. Not only would this be a chance for them to spend some time together as 'family' but also it was time away from work and without their children too. Merlin had her youngest become even more of a handful now that she was the last one home and the others were at Hogwarts.

"No, it doesn't but looks can be decieving," Hady replied with a slight nod of her head as she surveyed their surroundings. True, the outside wasn't much at all but as she followed Adi inside it was easy to see the change would be a big one. There was even food and drinks. How nice that was. As she got into line with Adi to wait their turn to check-in, polite smiles were given to those around them.
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