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So after three days, voting has come to a close and we have ourselves some winners!

In third place, we have the wonderful sweetpinkpixie and her lovely depiction of a dinglehopper:

We have a TIE for second place, with the talented Chelliephone and her reminder to find your porpoise:

As well as the lovely sweetpinkpixie and the cutest cup of tea there ever could be:

And finally, in first place with the amazing Cassirin and a reminder that miracles aren't ordinary:

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in this round! Whether it was through making one of the beautiful signatures or by voting for your favorites, your participation really means a lot to us. Thank you all so very much!!

Want to know who’s behind one of your other favorites? I’ve got your back! If you want to wear any of the creations, make sure to ask the creator and credit accordingly!

SPOILER!!: You’re all winners in my eyes <3

Entry 01: Cassirin
Entry 02: Chelliephone
Entry 03: sweetpinkpixie
Entry 04: Chelliephone
Entry 05: sweetpinkpixie
Entry 06: Chelliephone

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