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Haven turned as new people began to walk in, one of whom was double new because she was new to the party AND new to Hogwarts. Haven knew her name of course. She knew everything important like that. "Oh I love your space buns!" she greeted Daisy with a smile, nodding at her request. Not Kayla, because Kayla was her dormmate. She's so good at these things. Speaking of dormmates, here was one. "Hey Chandler," Haven nodded towards her too, smiling.

About to turn and start pouring, Haven jumped at the loud noise and frowned towards the doors. WHY did people feel the need to make such big entrances. And a new girl, of all people! Haven decided she immediately didn't like Antonia Emerson. Which, granted, she already hadn't, but still. Her stomach twisted as she Jasper walked over to her, but she kept any feelings off her face. All anyone would see is one big smile. Rosy cheeks. Lots of teeth.

She was relieved when another dormmate walked in. Sure, Lisa was the reason people had showed up, but Haven wanted to think she had some pull with her own dormmates. "Kayla! she called over to said dormmate, waving her over. "Juice? she asked, this time turning properly to begin pouring. The juice wouldn't hand itself out. Although, there was probably a charm for that. Haven made a mental note to check.

Handing over filled cups to Daisy and Chandler, she continued to pour for everyone else, because surely some would want juice in a while, even if they didn't want any now. Handing Jasper his juice too , Haven's brows rose as Lucky walked in. That's... quite an outfit. Haven once again felt her stomach twist. Walking back to the refreshments, she seriously considered ditching the juice mission entire to strike up a conversation with Lucky when Serena walked in. Haven didn't know her well at all, and honestly? Was privately very glad for the distance between them. She would look so ugly standing next to Serena. "Hey, you can put the macaroons there," she suggested, pointing towards a spot on the other end of the table. Nice and far. And since the redhead had Lisa's attention, Haven could dodge answering that no, it was more like Lisa did MOST things and Haven did as she was told.

Which suited Haven just fine, really. It didn't hurt at all the Serena assumed Lisa had done everything. It was the truth.

Done with the juice, The fourteen year old then slid over to Lucky and his awesome trousers. She wanted them. Perhaps he'd let her borrow them if they became friends. Worth a shot? "Hi Lucky! What do you think the best music for a party is? Do you know lots about music?" Haven grinned, eager to learn. Her own outfit today was the best she could do - just a plain baby blue skirt coupled with a baby pink unicorn shirt - and she really wanted to change up her wardrobe. Having a boring conversation about music seemed like an easy sacrifice.
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