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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Being a ninja warrior was what Bryony wanted most in life. It was right up there with flying on a dragon when she was old enough. Actually it topped that and every that knew Bry knew how badly she wanted to fly on a DRAGON! Like seriously, how many people actually got to do that?! Not all that many. She had to take steps though.. Baby steps if one will to achieve her goals. And today's baby step was..

Bright blue eye grew wide as saucers as she spun around to face Aryan with a huge smile on her face. "Yesssssss! Let's do it!" The small blonde seven year old was already rushing towards him bouncing up and down in excitement. He had just given them permission to play her most favorite game. Nothing was gonna stop her now!

Bry was lucky that entire dream of flying a dragon would come true at some point in life. About seven years, in fact. It came in handy having a ‘boyiefweind’ whose fathers owned a dragon and hippogriff Reserve. Well, Adi and Benny would allow her to fly one {not on her own, obviously} but there. Her dream would be made a reality.

Oh, no. Oh, no. Ary watched in horror as that little ball of energy that was Bryony rush towards him. Already he was bracing himself to be squished to death. Maybe if he distracted her with words, she’d forget to squish him. “Whats we do? Climb?” In which case, Bry should lead and he would follow as usual.
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