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Lisa looked to be thriving under the attention of her friends. Jasper was glad. He liked seeing his friends shine like that. It was deserved. It was also a miracle that she managed to get Daniel to come to a party. If anything, that made the party a success already. Lisa knew what she was doing. Haven too, of course. Jas didn’t forget her involvement. How could he when she was being such a fantastic host! ”I’ll have one too,” he called out to the Hufflepuff in charge, jumping in after Daisy and Chandler.

”I’m going to help Haven with drinks. Want one?” he offered, turning to Remy before hopping off the couch to go help Hav—Only his plans were easily deterred when he saw his cousin, Antonia. She was hard to miss. Her presence was gravitational, and then there was that loud entrance, which he was sure was an accident. Not wanting her to feel embarrassed, he quickly made his way over to her, waving to both Kayla and Lucky as he made his way over.

”Hey, cuz.” He was glad she made it, really. ”This door is super finicky.” Totally weird. He glanced back at it before turning to offer her a warm smile. ”I’m glad you made it. Wanna grab something to drink?”

The redhead did not escape his attention. In fact, Jasper had been wondering when she’d show up — he was confident she would and he may have been hoping too. But seeing she was perfectly busy with Lisa, he decided not to crowd her. He did flash a smile in her direction when he managed to catch her eye though. Hey.
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