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10. YOUTH by Troye Sivan

And when the lights start flashing like a photo booth
And the stars exploding, we'll be fireproof

Moments of the summer before sixth year flashed through his mind. Noah spent most of it with Kimmie (obviously), Inkeri (which unfortunately meant Ronan was the tag along), Chloe, Islay, and Matty (buffers between him and Ronan).

It wasn’t as bad as what he thought it’d be.

The best night of that summer was spent at a carnival. Enjoying cotton candy dissolving into sugary nothingness, laughing as they danced to their own songs, racing to the bumper car line, and the photo booth shenanigans.

They looked so happy back then. Those were the whimsical days of their youth.

Adulthood waited.
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