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21. False Confidence by Noah Kahan

Don't let those demons in again
I fill the void up with polished doubt, fake sentiment
Surrender yourself
And I wonder why I tear myself down
To be built back up again
Oh I hope somehow, I'll wake up young again

He kept falling in and out of consciousness. Oblivious to the concerned looks from his parents.

Lisa had shrieked when the car stopped, “LAND HO!” and ran out of the car. He looked and felt like a zombie. The back rub from Appa woke him up from the trance. “I can help Evan with your tent if you’re not feeling up to it.

Head shake. “I got it.” Fake smile.

He didn’t have it down. It led to him hurting his hand. He was useless. He hated this.

Arms wrapped around him. “Noah.”

Sobs errupted from the broken boy.

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