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I did?” she asked Haven now almost recovered from the spins. “It was a joint effort.” Haven had been her co-conspirator in these shenanigans.

Lisa looked to Daniel and her smile faltered slightly. She was a little hurt by his comment. Of course, she meant it. She wished him to know that. “Of course you’re one of my… best friends… you were my first friend here.” she uttered with the tips of her ears turning pink. She shuffled a little before looking to the other students that had entered. She offered a few waves and noted that she saw Daisy when she was spinning so she would have to go find her.

She looked for her housemate, Daisy, next. She could have sworn that she saw her around here. Huh? Where had she gone? She found Daisy right over near Haven. A few more of her fellow fourth years entered. “Hi Chandler! Antonia! Thanks for coming.. Uhh we’ve got juice and snacks!

As Lucky entered and mentioned the record player, she couldn’t help but smile more. She endorsed his songs. “Jukebox Heroes?!” she offered as she linked eyes with Serena.

The biggest grin was plastered on her face as she saw her. “Serenaaaaa!” The Slytherin got a big hug.

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