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Was she late?

Oops. Well. Her outfit wasn’t going pick itself, now was it?

Serena arrived in a black spaghetti strap dress. Nothing fancy, really. It was short, but not short enough that a piece of her dad’s soul would die if she were to show TOO much leg. Black combat boots accompanied the outfit, as well as sparkly leather bracelets. Around her neck was her usual silver necklace with a pendant that hung proudly on her chest, displaying her family crest. Around her shoulders, and down her back, her long red curls bounced gracefully as she came to a stop.

The room was filled with familiar faces. Some of which Serena was fond of and some she felt indifferent towards. Then there were those special cases.

“I brought some macaroons,” she announced, heading over to set them with the rest of the snacks. On her way she nodded at a few people she’s talked to before. “‘Sup, Half-Batman,” she shot at Daniel with a tiny smirk. Did that still get to him? How was baby-sitting duties, by the way? She forgot to pay him for that one time last term. Oops.

Steel blue eyes also sought out a certain curly haired boy. Jasper Amir Botros. No smile—not even an eye roll in his direction. Nothing. She did remind herself, though, that she needed to speak with him. Hmph.
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