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Default Indigo is not as antisocial as he sounds I promise XD
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Indigo liked his job partly because it meant he got to sit in relative quiet, working on whatever translation or codes he was at the time, and be unbothered by others. This, was definitely a change of pace and not really a welcome one. He did have a smile for Dottie. She was a fellow cryptographer so he knew her better than the rest. Indigo shot a bit of a look at Pendragon. He did not appreciate the insinuation that the chamber of codes was lesser work than whatever "daring do" he got up to. Indigo knew it wasn't fair to form opinions when he really didn't know him very well, but something about the man just rubbed him the wrong way.

Indigo had a nice stack of books going when Mr. Flamsteed left. He glanced at the pair with the trident, but they seemed to have it under control so he left them to it. Nobody seemed to really want to engage with him in conversation, which was fine with him. He was fine with quiet. In fact, he would like to get this over with so the rest of them would leave the chamber and it could go back to its usual peace and quiet thank you very much.
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