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Did it bother Haven that Lisa was very obviously more popular than her? In such a painfully obvious and embarrassing way that made Haven want to walk into a broom closet and scream for a minute? ... No. Not at all. What a silly idea.

So Haven stood there, a grin plastered on her face as more people made their entrances. Remy got a small finger wave - the Gryffindor was very pretty and it slightly annoyed Haven - before she moved on to the next Boy™. Alfie. She had categorised him as Mostly Harmless years ago, and he got an enthusiastic a greeting as Daniel Yoon did. Which is to say, a big smile and a "Hi! You made it!" repeated all over again.

Her head whipped over to Jasper, thinking he'd said her name, but no. Ugh. Haven is just the worst name. Her eyes narrowed slightly at Daniel for his reply, and she bit her lip. What was he upset at HER for? So rude. "Yes, I didn't think you'd come for me," she muttered. Not poor little Haven Zhang.

Making a swift exit from that conversation, and swallowing down an eyeroll at Hufflepuff represent - why is he like that, truly - she walked over to Lisa. "Don't lie Lisa, you did most of this by yourself," and she should be proud of herself. Hard work deserves to be noticed! It's like a life rule or something. Although Lisa's brain must be mush after that spin, so she could be forgiven for lying.

And then she twisted to try and face the whole gathering. "Does anyone want juice?" she asked with a nice, large grin. Helpful Haven. That's her.
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