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Oh sweet solstice.

"The Department of Mysteries, as a whole, is not a place one can take up residence," he informed Damien with a firm rub to his forehead. It was also fortunate for the Unspeakable at the moment that Airey was so preoccupied with the dryness in his throat and this incessant desire to plunge his head into a toilet that he did not notice the artefact the man was wielding. Everything to do with Bain should be filed away and kept under tight bindrune and protective charms or else face termination from their position in the Ministry. It had not gone unnoticed that this wand was missing...and it would be in everyone's best interest that it return to its proper box. Soon.

Airey really did not enjoying firing people.

But, back to Jane.

"Yes yes, if you would please," he nodded hurriedly. "No need to fret so much, the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes as well as Ecological Regulation and Protection have already given the trident a thorough examination and have rendered it safe. It is our task to examine the magical energy it is emitting, benign in nature, though with unknown parameters." He had suggested that her and Dottie take a look at it and, oh! Mr. Truebridge was here as well. How charming.

"Now, if you please," he continued, clearing his throat as though he were coughing up sand and loosened his tie entirely while also unbuttoning his shirt just a bit. He was feeling terribly dry and parched, you see. "I will be back in a little. Please carry on with your efforts here and I expect to return to see a substantial amount of progress accomplished."

Offering Mr. Truebridge an awkward little pat pat on the shoulder - no mentioned of their hug from last year, please - the department head swiftly made his way of the chamber and took off towards the lifts.

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