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Default Fourth Year Shenanigans

It’s the event of the MONTH or YEAR if you’re a Hogwarts Fourth Year. Yes, dear reader, it’s THE event of the century- the fourth year party hosted by the infamous Zhang and Nam. Your invitation would have led you to the Room of Requirement. Pushing open the doors, you’ll find that the room has nicely transfigured itself into a large hall with comfy couches, bean bags, and tables to sit out. On the left hand side, there’s a disco ball with some flashing lights and a record player. Step right up and choose whichever song you want. To the right hand side of the room, you’ll find a side table filled with board games (both Muggle and wizard alike to choose from) as well as refreshments.

Welcome to the party!

This is an OPEN RP to fourth year students!

Attendee List- Le Fourth Years:
  • Haven Zhang (Daemon)
  • Lisa Nam (Watson)
  • Serena Baltazar Dos Santos (Deezerez)
  • Daniel Yoon (DuckyLinJi)
  • Stuart Kynaston (LilFox86)
  • Jasper Botros (ArianaBlack)
  • Victoria Gellar (kayquilz)
  • Kayla Cloud (AlwaysSnapesGirl)
  • Remy Galetheos (Emzily)
  • Marley McKellar (Koylander)
  • Daisy Cloud (Waddles)
  • Antonia Emerson (Tegz)
  • Yumeki Kawatani (Uncle Moose)
  • Alfie Ramsay (littledhampir)
  • Roux Harris Edwards-Drayvin (Koylander)
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