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My Dearest Jude,

I'm only all too happy to do so. You're one of those people who is so amazing, you should be showered with all the well deserved compliments. Receiving your letters makes me smile just as much. It's a delight to run into your mom, but even more so when she's delivering these precious pieces of paper. It's not long until she'll be with us full time! I can hear all the other females often lamenting on this, and enjoying getting a shot lead while she's gone. It's not a secret that Reagan has the most skill amongst them and usually able to land the roles she most wants. Comes from years of dedication, I suppose. Raw talent helps too. Just give me the day and I'll ensure it's yours for my schedule. I wouldn't miss getting to hang out with you again for anything! I'm sure I'll also be just as rusty. I don't have the heart to practice without you there.

I'm happy I've been able to do so. Sometimes it's simply hard to talk about things that bring us pain. And it can be even harder to voice it out loud, whereas writing.. you have time to process your emotion before putting pen to paper. Words there's no hiding how you feel once you begin. I'm sure you'll be able to open up to your sisters on your time - when you're ready. You don't need to push it. He is a fool, and I'm sorry you've been going through that. Has this negatively affected your friendship? I certainly hope not, given how much he means to you.

While now I have a large supply of reasons to never ever cut it. Or cover it, as previously mentioned. I have heard this compliment before, but it means so much more coming from you. You flatter me so! I'm not sure I'll ever get that big, but you can be certain if I do and eventually make my way to an awards show, you'll be one of the first mentioned in my acknowledgements as someone who has always believed in and supported me.

I look forward to winter immensely for this reason! I'm certain for you I can find time even amongst the plays. And I'll make sure to have tickets reserved for you for whatever is going on. I'm glad you're hanging in, and I can only hope it starts to get better for you.


P.S. I would love nothing more!

We all shine on, like moon and the stars and the sun. We all shine.
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