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Connor waved his fork at Addison. “You’re always the best, you know.” He meant that. In turn, Addison brought out the best in him; it was the only reason to explain his change from a snobbish to a decent human being. “I do imagine though that by the time I’m done with this dinner, I’ll be so stuffed that I may fall asleep halfway through the first movie.” Chuckling, Connor allowed himself to delve further into the food. At this rate, he’d finish this plate so quickly!

“We should have date nights more often though… not exactly as it was because back then we didn’t have Koen but I’m sure he won’t mind spending time with his cousins or friends on occasions.” Speaking those words made something dawn on Con: he was afraid that his involuntary time away might somehow bring some distance in his and Addison’s marriage.
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