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If Aria did leave Violet in the dust, Violet would get along very well on her own, thank you very much. She might have grown up a little lonely, but it had also made her very independent.

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
“It’s sort of sad that you’re finally feeling comfortable but you’re graduating soonish.” There was a moment’s hesitation on her part. “What happened to your parents?”
"Oh, not really sad, because now that I've learned to feel comfortable in different situations, I can always use that. Once you know something, it's yours forever," Violet responded cheerfully. But then...oh no, Violet was not ready to share that much personal information, not with Aria McLeod at any rate.

"Um, oh well, Mother's family didn't approve of her marriage, so...there hasn't been much communication between them. I think I was sent to grandfather to get an education." Maybe. Actually, Violet would very much like to know what had become of her mother herself, and she was determined to find out, too, just as soon as she graduated and had access to some funds on her own. But Aria certainly didn't need to know all that.

Violet moved off a little away from Aria and looked off over the Lake to see if she could spot the Giant Squid, who she'd come to think of as a kind of friend. Then she bent down to look at what was growing in the water and on the banks, sticking her hand into the water from time to time if she thought she saw something good.
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