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As much as Javier wanted to keep the party going, it was starting to get a bit warm out here. Didn't want anyone catching any sunburn because they were out in the midday sun too long! He let out a little whistle, since many of the kids had traveled pretty far by this point.

"Let's start wrapping things up here so you can all start heading in to get ready for dinner," he called out. As they got closer he pointed to the empty buckets in front of him. "Please deposit your findings in these buckets here. The left side should be where you can drop your edible ingred - I mean, erm, non-toxic ingredients," he said quickly. What? No one heard that. "And the other side is the potentially toxic stuff that we use for some more advanced potions. A few of you in your NEWT year may have identified some things for that bucket!" he said with a smile.

Otherwise, most things would probably end up in the edib - NO, the NON-TOXIC pile. Not edible.

"Have a good day everyone!" he called out as the students started to disperse. If they wanted to hang around they could...or they could head in for dinner, which is what he was about to do in approximately...10 minutes.
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