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Baek Ho-Sook
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Rosemary Giana Scardino
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Braylon Mikael Sawyer
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11. Ride My Bike by Maude Latour

My mother made me promise home for dinner before dark
But a God I can’t explain says “Take a right at Central Park”
To clear my mind
And get that runner’s high
And babe, I think I found what it means to be alive

Nothing made her feel more like Kimberly Amstern than her tennis shoe’d feet beating against the ground. Grass, pavement, dirt. Whatever the trail, it didn’t matter to her. When she ran, there wasn’t enough room in her head for thought. The sound of her heartbeat pounded through her head and her even breaths were the only thing that mattered. And even when she was done, she was so utterly exhausted and her breathing still heavier that she had minutes of just silence within her head.

And then when the thoughts sounded again, she’d get up and do it all over.

We all shine on, like moon and the stars and the sun. We all shine.
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