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Jasper was in pretty high spirits with the knowledge that Cassie was on board for a scrimmage later. They had such a killer team this summer, it was a bummer to think they wouldn't be playing in any real matches together moving forward. Better squeeze play time in while you can, you know? So he tried not to take these things for granted when he could help it.

Though he could talk about quidditch all day, he turned his attention to Atlas and Lisa. He almost called out to Val to ask if she'd wanna join their collective, but it looked like she was happy to do things on her own. Bummer, really. But Jas wasn't pressed or anything. He was pretty eager to make this a good time with Lees and ... "Atlas, right?" He had no shame in asking.

"I think we're solid!" Two buckets sounded like enough buckets to Jasper Botros, who had never gone ingredient hunting before. "We should make this a game."
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