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No attempts at all were made to get up off of the floor. None. At all. He was just going to lay right here on his back until the floor opened up and swallowed him whole. This was bloody ridiculous. And she wondered why he didn't want to show up when she sent people looking for him.. well this was why. Stupid things like this. Messing with one another this way was natural for them but this was different, this was where others could have seen. She had really stepped things up so now it was.. Game On.

"What do you want, Vera?" Vasco's voice was calm and steady when he finally did sit up slowly, eyeing her as she looked down at him. He was half tempted to tug her right down onto the floor with him but that would've been much too easy. Oh, no.. what she had coming to her was going to be so much better.
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