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Sometimes Advi wanted to compliment herself for her clearly brilliant acting skills. Suresh had always been charming to her, and it had been sheer willfullness alone that had made her reject his advances. She'd been truly lucky he never gave up on her, because she couldn't even imagine having missed out on being with a man as wonderful as her husband. Suresh could dye all the hair on his body pink, one of her lesser liked colors, and she'd still look at him with stars in her eyes. So the question made her giggle, and she moved to kiss him again as she nodded her head in agreement. "Incredibly so. I'll be the luckiest old lady in the nursing home when we're old and gray!"

Her mind was distracted still filtering through the facts she could remember of Amon Ra as well. There was a lot she could say, but most of it probably wasn't helpful or pertinent to where his research needed to lay so she kept quiet. Though her silence did break on an interesting fact, to her anyways, as he mentioned a few facts he knew as well. "There's a lot of different articles debating whether or not Khonshu was biological or adopted. I think mainly stemming from no myths can truly agree on how a god procreates." Consider the greeks and the romans, and how Zeus had spawned one of his children from his head. "There's been instances in history too where Amon Ra was thought to be two different gods, that Amon and Ra were separate beings. Amon was the creator of the universe, but Ra was the god of the sun." Which is where she would start with, merely because that was probably where the easiest spells could be located as potential breaks. She laughed at his compliment, grinning happily at him. "I'm just glad I married a man where we can talk about this." She truly enjoyed her work, and she enjoyed talking about history. While most people believed it was all about fact, there was room for interpretation on the WHYS of the fact and she and Suresh were always able to have such wonderful discussions surrounding that. It was one of her favorite parts of their relationship. "I don't mind at all. But thank you for checking with me first." She appreciated the small thoughtful acts he did for her such as that.

His second compliment earned a laugh as she shook her head, but flushed slightly pleased at the words. "I don't think I'm that much of a brainiac, but thank you. I like knowledge and learning new things." She always imagined if she'd gone to Hogwarts instead of Castelobruxo she would have ended up in Ravenclaw. "Their Paapa is also remarkably intelligent though. And with your looks? They'll be beautiful." If they ever happened to be blessed with littles, that was. Now that he was back to rolling, she couldn't help but throw a small handful of flour his way playfully, before going back to her own task at hand. "I will! I'm thinking I'll go in just a few days. I'd like to get a head start on my own research." But she couldn't start until she'd first laid eyes on it, which was thankfully soon. "I believe you're the only one who looks at me that way, mera pyaar. But I'll make sure to have it on full broadcast. I like to talk about my handsome husband anyways."

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