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Pfffft. As if Aria cared about having anyone smile at her. She did start to laugh, however, at the whole tongue thing. And once she composed herself, stuck her own tongue right back out. HA! Two can play that immature game, Vera! “Whatever floats and sails your boat, child,’’ Aria said brightly. “Why don’t you try finding a way into the room and we shall find out? Got any bright ideas? I promise I’ll back you up.” The fifth year blinked innocently.

Like Ashley, Aria thought it was just a storage room, no matter how much of an important object might be stashed in there. And upon hearing that Atlas had some sort of plan, the girl abandoned her action of fiddling with her bracelet and started fiddling with the rainbow coloured heart shaped necklace pendant that rested on the base of her throat. Lisa asked the question she had been thinking: will the roach-like thing be able to provide them with the information they were all curious about? If not, then well… Aria would be on her way because as was mentioned before, she was bored. Some action could change that feeling of hers.
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