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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
This would be where Bryony and Aryan would disagree. In Bryony's head she could fly, in her mind she could do anything that she wanted to do. "I cans fly on da winged horsies, brooms and da carpets too!" Lots of things flew, Ary. She loved flying on the griffs though, there was no denying that. What she really really wanted to do... was fly on a dragon! Now that was cool! Only she wasn't allowed to yet.. SIGH!

"'Otay!" Little Bry continued to push and push and push the swing. How long she was pushing her boyiefwiend on the swing was unknown but it felt like ages upon ages. "Yeah, we ten take turns." Taking turns and sharing was something she wasn't always the best at but when it came doing doing either of these things she was most likely to agree to them with Ary. He made her young seven year old heart happy.

Bry stepped backwards waiting for the swing to come to a stop. "My turn!" Running around the swing she plopped herself down on it and took hold of the chain, holding on tight. "Rweady!"

Constantly being around griffs and dragons meant that little Ary forgot about the existence of other methods of flying. “I forgots bout those!” But Bry’s comment had him thinking. “Dids you ever flies on any of them?” Because he had not. And he was completely going to envy Bry if she had flown on one. Of course, the little boy had no idea what envy was but he certainly was going to feel that way.

Ary liked sharing with Bry. Even if she infuriated him a lot of the time. But she was the only person outside of his fathers and siblings to whom he spoke to a lot. And spent a lot of time with her because he liked her company. Had it been some acquaintance, Ary would have been uninterested in being pushed much less be the one doing the pushing. Ary pulled back on the swing’s chains, doing his best to go as far as Bry had. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t as strong as her. When he could go as far as possible, he released the swing.
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