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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Lisa kept her head down, hiding her face but shot her hand up into the air with the other hand over her heart, feeling it’s pulse. “While the scent of candles can be pleasant, I’ve seen them entrance others.. and have… experienced it…They can carry potions… It can be like the candles that… erm… Healer Poppy and the house elves replace… the ones that made you sleepy.
Violet started and jerked her head over toward Lisa. Healer Poppy and her candles!! Why hadn't Violet remembered that?!! That term had been a horrible haze of headaches and brain fog, the latter of which had lasted well into the next term. And here she'd been, staring at this candle like she was in a trance! Had her experience with Poppy's potions made her susceptible to such things?! How horrid!! Violet turned back, determined to resist at all costs the temptation to stare into that candle again.
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