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So far so good with settling in, ma’am,” she said with a wide grin. Nothing too too dramatic and occurred so she considered things were.. well decent.

Turning back to her table mates, she crinkled her nose and giggled at Aria’s response. “Fair enough.” She shrugged her shoulders in response before noticing that an older boy (Caes) was looking over at the table. Oooooh…. who was he looking at?!? Violet? Aria?

Lisa brought her attention to the candle and ignored a few of the answers as she focused in on the candle in front of her. A memory of… stranger times flitted in her mind as she had flashbacks of the play her first year at Hogwarts. Healer Poppy. The bread. The candles. She didn’t even notice her heartbeat and breath increasing as she remembered more and more.

And then calmness.

When she got to Serena stepping in. That party of her memory always calmed her.

Lisa kept her head down, hiding her face but shot her hand up into the air with the other hand over her heart, feeling it’s pulse. “While the scent of candles can be pleasant, I’ve seen them entrance others.. and have… experienced it…They can carry potions… It can be like the candles that… erm… Healer Poppy and the house elves replace… the ones that made you sleepy.

She shivered before folding her arms across her chest.
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