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For better or worse...Atlas was here. Here and with his arms folded atop the circular table with his chin resting on the back of his left hand (left over right, always). He hadn't entirely been paying attention to who else he was sharing a table with when he had flopped into it, instead his gaze focused on the little dancing flame and the break down the hydrocarbons into molecules of hydrogen and carbon and their vaporization. He really liked candles, you see, and playing with hot wax had been a pastime for as long as he could remember. The best part of candles was dipping your finger into the melted wax and building up the layers...which unfortunately meant that the professor's double warning translated as a challenge to the Gryffindor.

A challenge he gladly accepted.

So, with his wand out and leaned against the table mostly out of view, his bright blue eyes glanced up as Professor Euka began the class and her attention turned to those answering the question. Which was not to say that Atlas did not have an opinion, he almost always did, on candles or their context within Divination...he just had more pressing itches to scratch for now. So, with a softly muttered Levitation Charm, the fifth year focused on the candle nearest him and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeever so slightly guided it to lean...and lean just enough to tip wax off the top and he reached out with his other hand to catch it on his palm.

Technically speaking...he was NOT touching the candles.

Little pool of wax accumulated in his hand and quickly hardening, Atlas continued to hold his breath and guided the candle back into place.

Uh...perhaps looking a little incriminating, he should something. And he did have a something, thank you very much. "Candle flames are useful for the sterilization of metallic objects. Also softening certain kinds of pieces to make them a little more malleable or flexible... stronger too." There was a whole bunch of jargon he could throw out there right now annealing, forging, on and so on...but a simple candle wouldn't really be applicable to most of those and he could say with confidence that they would be doing nothing of the sort today in class.

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