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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Yay! Maria had a partner in crime in ingredient hunting. They had two buckets so they were ready to go. Beaming as she swung her bucket she said "It's so nice to meet you Vera! Want to be called Miss V? It sounds ladyish and cool, don't you think?" Nodding along Maria murmured "Yes, I hope so too. I wonder why the forest is called the forbidden forest, do you know?" At home there were no forests that had a name that stated that you weren't allowed to go inside.

Starting to walk in the direction where the lake was supposed to be, Maria hadn't memorized everything just yet figuring that Vera was following she replied "Yes, I can swim. I'm not an expert though. Are you a good swimmer Vera?" Mia wondered as the lake came into view but no giant squid was in sight. "What shall we look for first? Knotgrass or what else can grow here?"
Mia got a beam back and Vera's own bucket jostled back in forth in her hand as she skipped along after her new friend. Because to Vera, most conversations resulted in friendship. She was very easy to please in that regard. "Ooooh, I like Miss V! It makes me feel all grown up!" She wiggled a bit excitedly, before giving a HUFF at the next question. "Because they're clearly against us having FUN." Her voice dropped to a whisper, "Think of all the cool creatures in the Forest! But they don't want us to go and explore. Which seems counter intuitive because aren't we here to learn? So shouldn't we learn about the creatures in the Forest too?" And what better way to learn than first hand?

She was sure all that safety stuff was nonsense.

Back to focusing on the lake, Vera smiled again as her skips resumed. "I haven't drowned yet!" Which seemed like the best evidence that she was just fine at swimming. Not that she was planning on taking a dive into the water though, it was just an 'in case' question this time. "Hmmm... shouldn't we just grab... everything?" She had no idea what were good potion ingredients and what were not. Couldn't Professor Hernandez do something with anything? Or... wait... maybe this was actually just a ploy to get the kids to do the grounds weeding for the Groundskeeper!? If so. Respect, because this was a genius plot.

Vera turned her head, trying to check to see if Professor Hernandez was paying attention to them and inwardly groaning as she BEAMED and waggled her fingers in a wave at the Professor when he was. She supposed there was no sneaking off today. Hearing the call that the shallow end and around the lake were valuable felt like an invitation to her as Vera turned back to Mia and BEAMED. "Shallow end then?" Without waiting for an answer, she bent over to discard her shoes and socks before stepping into the shallow water. "EEEEEE, it's cold!" Colder than she'd expected anyways.

Squatting down, the first year peered into the water and plucked a couple weeds to plop into her basket. "Do you think we could find gillyweed? I want to try some and go searching for the squid!"

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