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Vera had been uncharaceristically quiet as she had entered the classroom and found a seat with Dot. The reason for the silence was primarily she'd been entranced by the flame. Flame was SO pretty, wasn't it? It just made you want to touch it because who didn't want to touch pretty things!? She was resisting the urge to do just that, when the PRofessor's reminder to not rang clear.


So what could someone do with candles? People were already saying scent, which was one of the first ideas to pop into her mind. When Scoot had been little and had a particularly stinky nappy, she used to beeeeeeg Papa to light a candle. Or use air freshener or SOMETHING. Burning stuff, like Dot said, also sounded like a lot of fun and Vera found herself straightening in her chair to look over towards Euka. Could they burn stuff please Professor? That sounded like a LOT of fun. But before they did that... use for candles... Vera raised her hand and waited to be called on. "If you combine two long candles by the wick, they can make excellent numb chucks!" She did a couple of hand gestures to emphasize her point, before beaming.

Could they do that too with any leftovers?

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