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Apollo's only wish for divination was that it was in the same tower as the Gryffindor Common Room. LIKE, why did Hogwarts have to have soooo many different towers because it meant that he had to go downstairs to go back up??? HOW did that even make sense????

At least divination was always set up in such a cozy manner, though he did find himself blushing at Lisa Nam's comment about romantic candlelit dinner. What did she know about that anyway?

"Hi Professor Euka, my birthday is actually in April," He offered, as a gateway to a different comment from Lisa's. Also, candles = for birthday wishes. Because he didn't particularly want to talk about romantic-anythings with Maya's sister, even if she was only a year younger. Did he sit down at Lisa's table regardless of her interest in romantic dinners? Yes, absolutely. Was he also secretly hoping it was a different Nam seated there? This too.
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