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It really paid to be one’s self, especially when you were genuine. And Suresh had always been genuine when it came to projecting his personality onto others. But Advika had gotten him worried a bit back then when she seemed oblivious to his good manners and witty ways. At some point, he had wanted to give up his attempts of pursuing her but the heart wanted what the heart wanted. So he had kept up his charming ways until she had melted. He supposed it was all that hard work he had gone through was what made him always appreciate her. But did she really think she was fooling him with getting the flour on his face? Okay, she had but he refused to say otherwise! Sur made a face at Advi, a comical one then jutted out his chin in her direction. “Now you get a glimpse into the future of what your husband will look like with gray hairs. Aren’t I even more dashing?”

Suresh knew it. He just knew it. Leave it to Advika to have some sort of insight into his problem. She was such a beauty with brain. He hung on to her every word, storing them mentally for his research later that evening. “I definitely will look into that angle. I’ve got somewhere concrete to start my research on.” Since his and his fellow cursebreakers’ had all hit dead ends. “Amon Ra,’’ he mused, his mind racing to retrieve information on the particular God. “Referred to as Khonshu’s father and the ‘Supreme God’ because he represents fertility and war.” With regard to potential spellwork, he was drawing a blank but Advi, of course, being the genius that she was, had given him inspiration. “I will, thank you.’’ In gratitude, Suresh closed the small gap between them to kiss her in gratitude. “I married you for that wealth of knowledge you carry,’’ he teased. Then he got serious. “Is it okay if I take an hour or two later to do that research? You’ve given me some great ideas… but unless you wanted us to have the entire evening to ourselves, then I can do the research tomorrow.” Priorities. Suresh had them in order.

Suresh put out a dramatic sigh. “Of course, but you’re such a brainiac. Anyone would think you specialise in everything.” He certainly thought that when they first met, and sometimes he still thought so. “I hope our future children are as brilliant as you.” His face lit up childishly, like a little boy on Diwali day receiving a gift he had been craving. “In that case, I’ll clear my busy schedule.” Suresh went back to the dough, prepping it into round pieces so that each could be rolled out with the belan {rolling pin}. Most of the time, though, his eyes were fixed on his wife. “That’s going to be a rather engaging conversation between you two. Be sure to tell me all about it?’’ he said, smiling. Then he made a pouting face. “I hope they don't fall for you and your sharp mind. Be sure to flash that wedding ring of yours a few times.”
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