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Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
She tried. Roma Leigh Bracken really did try, but of course Alexander-or-Benjamin Stylinson lived to add up some inconvenience to her life on unfortunate occasions.

The former Slytherin paused, whispered a mild curse under her breath, and then turned around again to face the Stylinson twin by the butterbeer cart. "Don't 'oi' me, Stylinson," Roma said as she reluctantly approached the boy. "I just had to check if all the stuff I bought are in the bag. Luckily I don't have to go back inside." That was a lie. Roma never left a store without double-checking if she carried with her everything she paid for. She was responsible as ever.

"Hello. There, I said it," Roma replied to his comment once she finally stood beside him. She also casually looked at Stylinson's hands and arms. She had learned recently from experience that she could tell the difference between the twins by checking for scalds and scars. Benjamin had those from culinary school, but since this twin didn't seem to have any, Roma deduced who it was. "Don't we have a test to study for next week, Alex?" Why was he here?
Some call it inconvenience, others call it ~f l a v o r. Merlin knew she needed some spice in her life. So much for seeing the goblet half-full, Roma. For shame.

Her pause did not escape Alexander's notice. In fact, it made that ever-present smirk even wiiiiider. Oh, how he loved to get under her skin. She made it so very fun. How could one resist? "I see we're still nagging as much as ever, Bracken."

And so reluctant, Roma. Aren't you glad to see him? He was so glad to see you. As for her god-awful excuse, Alexander raised his eyebrows knowingly, holding back a laugh. "Mmm, sure. Whatever you say." Lying didn't suit her, did she know?

Furthermore, her hello was lackluster - such little enthusiasm - so very rude. But he'd allow it. With his drink now ready, he missed her thorough analysis, only turning back in time to smile when she posed her question. "Mm, we do," he replied with a single nod. "I'm surprised, to be honest. I figured you'd be holed up memorizing the textbook all week. Uni life, hm? You're really letting loose." And this, of course, was sarcasm.
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