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Good gracious! These midgets! Aria gracefully but quickly stepped out of the path as Vera came skidding in to join the party. She wrinkled her nose. “Silly child. You’re full of awful ideas, aren’t you?” Aria peered down at Vera, making an expression of disgust at the wet sound the child made. Would decorations be hidden away here? Aria didn’t think so. There was something more - call this her gut instinct. So, while she was curious of the contents behind the door - if there was any - Aria wasn’t THAT eager to discover it. Strange… this was the sort of thing that should have piqued her interest but instead she was choosing to agree with Atlas in waiting to find out.

Aria practically stared down Maria at her suggestion. “Pray tell… WHY would it be cool if there was a dragon or a troll in there? Don’t you value your life?” Cue a dramatic sigh on her part. Truth? She was torn between amusement and shock at some of her fellow students. Not Lily though. Lily seemed sensible. In response to Lisa, Aria shrugged. “Something like runes etched onto a piece of stone? Could be a map to treasure.” Like she said, the possibilities were endless. And she was also becoming bored with all this chatter. “I just feel… uninterested. I thought I’d have wanted to… you know, break down the door or something. But… yeah.’’ Aria twirled her bracelet faster around her wrist unconsciously as her gaze shifted back to Fox. “What do YOU reckon’s behind there?” The Hufflepuff had been listening to everyone’s thoughts but hadn’t voiced his outright, had he?
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