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A breeze blew a curl over her cheek as Geode held her breath and tried to answer a very important question:

When is the polite time to let someone know you are sitting in the tree above them?

Geode had come to the courtyard after breakfast with a fat novel and no plans for the afternoon. She'd gotten lost in the pages of her book as the sun rose higher in the sky - only to be interrupted on page 479 by a very pretty older girl who looked like she wanted to be alone. Or maybe she was waiting for some friends? Either way, Geode did NOT want to be known as some weird little first year who admired people's aesthetic stalked from tree branches.

The best time to exit the tree was five minutes ago. The second best time is now.

"Um. Hi?"

Geode had imagined herself as much more socially adept than this before coming to Hogwarts. In her (many) daydreams, she was never this awkward.
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