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Listen, Fox was delighted that so many answered the call. With each new student that filed into the hall, the sixth year got more and more stoked about this big mystery.

He laughed brightly at Ash's dry humor as she appeared first, a twinkle in his eye as he mused, "We have a magical forest right outside; that'd be rather disappointing. I like where you're going with the planar portal, though. Love a good field trip." Her note earned another laugh out of him. "Brilliant."

When Aria chimed in, he considered the door for a long moment. "Maybe," he nodded. "It could be, like, an exhibit, like a museum, maybe full of stuff like that." Not a bad educational tool, really - just as long as there were no more curses about to be unleashed.

Vera's energy was infectious, and Fox couldn't help but smile as she spoke, an arm coming up to rest on her shoulder after she nearly plowed into him, comfortably using her as an armrest. Not because she was a tiny first year, but because he was immediately fond of this little bundle of energy. But her height also made her a good armrest. "No musical talent here." He let his arm drop when she went to inspect the note, and he gave Ash the briefest flash of a knowing smile. Such a pot-stirrer, Ashley Fox.

Fox turned to identify the source of a grumbling comment and genuine confusion formed on his features at the sight of Atlas. What in the world had he been doing on the way here? Was that even comfortable? His face softened a bit at his impression of Kazmi, a breathy sort of laugh through his nose at it, and offered a simple shrug. "Where's the fun in that?" It was EXCITING.

Oooh, he hadn't gotten to properly meet any of the new Hufflepuffs, and Maria was going to be the first. "It'd be very cool," he agreed patiently, as unlikely as it seemed, and the smile he turned to her was warm. "I'm Fox. Sixth year." Her hair was cool and he admired that she wasn't afraid to speak up in a group of students in a new place like this.

Lisa's uneasiness with the door slightly derailed Fox's unbridled enthusiasm for something mYsTeRiOuS happening at Hogwarts. Slightly off? Like what? He didn't agree nor disagree - it was hard to pinpoint all of the things the door made him feel. He'd thought the unsettling feeling was just pure adrenaline in the face of a good time.

Whatever it was seemed to be bothering Lily, too, from the moment she'd joined them. Fox gave her a look, part confusion, part concern, and queried obliviously, "What happened this summer...?"
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