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Saint Stylinson (TM) was truly living up to his name today, running errands on behalf of his chaotic household, where he didn't even LIVE these days. Honestly, he deserved compensation for all of his efforts. He lived quite the difficult life as a first year law student in university. Imagine, on top of his rigorous studies, he still went out of his way (the very goodness in his heart), to purchase (with his hard earned ... allowance) to buy things for his (ungrateful) parents. And YET, everyone still had the audacity to complain about him. A testament to the hardship he lived through. Alexander Stylinson deserved better. #JusticeforAlexander #PasstheButterbeer #SaintWithoutUnrecognition.

Also deserved? A frozen butterbeer.

Listen. If he were going to run about the city for other people's errands, he'd be treating himself on his parents' dime. It's what everyone would have wanted. So before he even stepped foot into any of the shops, he made a pit stop at the butterbeer cart, ordered himself a frozen cup and chatted up the cart attendant while he waited for his order.

As one does.
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