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Though Kinsay preferred to work on sewing projects in the art classroom, she didn't like when others occupied her space. The art classroom was hers. Didn't they know? And. And despite wanting to kick people out of her room, she wouldn't because. Because she was incessantly polite and incessantly polite people didn't kick people out of rooms even when they really, really, really wanted to. So.

So, instead, she made her way outside, materials tucked away in her canvas bag as she stepped into the courtyard and made her way for the peartree. It was another favorite spot and she had claimed it as her own. As one does. It was a nice day out and the shade the tree provided would keep her from burning up under the sun. Plus, it wasn't as crowded outside. All in all? Not a bad second choice.

Reaching the tree, she took a towel out of her bag and unrolled it, taking her time to fix her little set up under the tree. Aesthetics were important.
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