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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Tapio Devries

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Violet P. Blackthorne

Ministry RPG Name:
Jane Elspeth Howard

Jane was now running late after her encounter at the Fountain of Magic Brethren in the Atrium. It had taken her a little time to dry off and pin her hair back up, straighten her robes, and recover her stack of ancient books. It had also taken a little time to deal with her colleague, Adam Gerulf. But now at last she hurried in, her books wobbling as she came. She looked anxiously around for their Dept. Head and finally spotted him, holding a....was that a trident? Had everyone in the Department gone mad today?

Jane walked over to Airey Flamsteed and murmured to him quietly, "Sir? I know you're busy here, but could I just speak to you a minute? It's about Adam. He's acting strangely--more strangely than usual, I mean. I found him just now splashing around in the Fountain of Brethren."
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