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Cleaning up and reorganising? Not Anya's favourite thing to do. Except she didn't have a reason not to be here at the Chamber of Codes. She had finished up her recent observation report and it would be a while before she looked through the telescopes again to gather data for another report. So really, she had some time in her hands. Also, she was getting paid to work and if that wasn't enough motivation to lift her butt off a bouncy floor of the Decompression Chamber, then there really would be no hope for her getting her job done.

So yes, ladies and gents, Anya Gonzales was here, giving the closest tower of thingamajigs a once-over. She could already tell she wouldn't enjoy going through that. "Do we know what happened, sir?" She asked. The Chamber of Codes couldn't possible have decided, one day, to turn into an entire wreck on its own, could it? (Don't answer that. She knew.) Anya took a step forward and picked the topmost object off the tower. It was a photo. A very old one, from the looks of it. Sheesh. There must be centuries worth of items to go through. She was not looking forward to all that.

How long would they be stuck rearranging here? A lady needed her sleep and maybe a couple of drinks too.
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