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His sister was more annoying than melted chocolate. The kind that was left in the sun somewhere way to long and was now all gross and stuck inside the wrapper. It was warm and messy and nearly impossible to eat but you tried anyway, simply because it was chocolate. That was Vera. On a good day.

He had gotten her message. A million times over he had gotten it. From older students and ones in his year, mostly from ones in his house colors but even from a few in other houses. How in Merlin's melted chocolate did they all even know who he was?! As a small little firstie shouldn't he be unknown to nearly everyone?

So in order to pay Vera back for being her usual annoying self, what did he do? Vasco took he sweet sweet time in making his way to this arcade room. And when he finally did get there... he was more than a little disappointed. She disrupted his peace and quiet for this?

Standing there in the doorway, arms folded across his chest, the eleven year old huffed in frustration to announce his arrival. Nothing more, nothing less. He wasn't at all pleased, Vera. At least not yet.
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