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The words 'ARCADE ROOM' had certainly given her a very different image than what Vera found when she strode in. She'd been thinking like... a muggle one, with skeeball and the giant dance machine and maybe even some car races! But that was NOT what she found, and she was a little bit disappointed. Especially as the first thing her eyes landed on was some of the more educational / brain teaser type games. Did anyone actually ENJOY those? They just made her head hurt.

BUT she couldn't just abandon the room, because she'd asked every person in the blue colored robes (and maybe some yellow and green too because she couldn't entirely remember Vasco's house colors) to have her brother meet her HERE. He thought she wouldn't be able to be as annoying from a distance? She certainly found her ways. Which included making potentially everyone try to speak to her brother.

At least the people who didn't ignore the small first year anyways.

Walking further into the room, V looked at a couple of wizards chess boards and a some exploding snaps. The gobstones drew her attention and she wondered if she could time it right to send one towards the door as her brother came in. It was worth a shot, as she sat down with one in her hand and aimed it towards the doorway. She wasn't sure if it would work since she technically wasn't winning a point buttttt... worth a shot.

Where were you, brother dearest?

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