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Okay. F-I-N-E, Addison. He was going to wait until after dinner to find out about those movies. Connor could be patient when he needed to be. ďAs the most beautiful woman in the world commands.Ē Who was he to defy her wishes? Especially when he had already caused her a lot of pain and struggle when he had been missing, came his dark thoughts.

Connor sat patiently waiting and watching. Up until this point, he hadnít realised just how hungry he was. Addisonís {and his} had greatly improved over the years. Hadnít it been just yesterday when they had bought cookbooks because they were starting university and had no idea how to make a decent meal? Just look at them now!

It was easy for him to keep his eyes glued on Addison as she bustled about. She was so breathtaking, tonight and every other moment. ďI can help, if you like.Ē His words didnít matter though; Connor already knew that Addison would refuse his help. She seemed determined to take charge of this evening.

In any case, he would be content to simply indulge in all the mac and cheese he could possibly consume without bursting.
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