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More like, Addison always tried to have a plan. Sometimes those plans went south and that was okay. In those instances she did her best to go with the flow and not get herself worked up about it. Things happened and life had a way of doing as it wanted.

"Movies," the blonde repeated with a gentle laugh. "I'm sure he's having a brilliant time with his cousin." No doubt being spoiled and getting himself into a little trouble as young kids tended to do. Addison lifted her shoulders in a shrug. "You're just going to have to wait and see." Why should she go and spoil a good surprise already?

There was a bit more laughter from her as she returned his gentle kiss, watching him make his way into the other room. Once he was gone she went ahead with getting all of the food ready to bring to the table. "It might be!." It was. That was one thing about her husband, he knew her cooking.

Moments later she was bringing platters of food into the dinning room and setting them out on the table.
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