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Jude tilted his head thoughtfully. The last thing he had expected to happen on this date was a mind-stimulating conversation. It was soothing, relaxing. He mulled over Davet’s words for a bit. "I hadn’t factored in anything along the lines of an introvert or extrovert personality but I see clearly what you’re saying. An introvert playing an outgoing character can be doing exactly that… getting into character… but possibly only to an extent. The reason I’m suggesting that is because for some introverts, there’s at least that one particular activity that makes them come out of their shell. So if it’s dancing, then they’re not fully acting. I suppose we can say that in reality it’s a mixture of our thoughts when it comes to our topic.” He grinned when Davet laughed. The other guy had a nice one. “So I’ve heard, and am realising for myself now. I haven’t met many French persons.” Once again, Jude was struck by just how dedicated Davet was to acting. He liked that a lot. “Only because it's you,’’ Jude replied, an innocent smile taking the place of his grin. Then he got serious. “I’ve never flirted with any guy before. Believe it or not, this also happens to be my first date.”

There was something so heartwarming and wholesome about Davet. That definitely was the reason Jude had taken to him so quickly. Secretly, he thought that Davet would be a Hufflepuff too; he seemed to embody all the traits of the House. “And that’s why I know you’ll be super successful one day.” Having that passion would take Davet a very long way. And Jude was sorry that he couldn’t go into the details of his parents’ jobs but the Statute prohibited that. He had the feeling Davet would find Connor and Addison’s work intriguing, not to mention the entire Wizarding World.

Jude briefly pressed his lips together in an attempt to hold back his laughter. Merlin! Davet was amusing! There was something endearing about anyone who didn’t mind being laughed at when something awkward happened to them. There was something endearing about Davet. “You’re welcome. And it’s settled then? You’re an adorable, charming fawn.” Jude was ready to rise to the challenge of catching up with the young ‘uns; it was good motivation. “Okay, let’s go! Be my eyes, yeah? I can’t exactly see behind me.” In any case, he’d rather be looking at Davet and his hair. Jude too shifted his feet to increase his pace but taking care not to overdo it should he cause Davet to lose his balance. Hey, this wasn’t so bad! “We’re doing great so far,’’ he commented. “But let’s not jinx it.” There was another grin from him.
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