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Default Music Classroom

Upon entering this large classroom, it is very obvious what its purpose is. This room is dedicated to teaching Muggle and Wizard Music and is used by members of both the Frog Choir and Orchestra. Instrument cases of all shapes and sizes as well as rows of music stands with accompanying stools fill the inside of this room. In the front, a conductor's stand is positioned in between a polished black piano and a complete drum set.

For many at Hogwarts, students and adults alike, this is one of their favourite places inside the castle. At various hours throughout the day, wonderful music is made and you get to take a break from anything overly theoretical and hone your musical talents. Fortunately for those in Transfiguration or in other parts of the castle, your marvelous melodies cannot disturb them for the room is completely soundproof. So play as loud as you want! This space can also be reserved after scheduled class hours if you and your friends have formed a band and need somewhere appropriate to practice.
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