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Default Gregory the Smarmy

Further down the fifth-floor corridor awaits a statue of a rather large bald man with several chins. If you know your potions or history well enough, you will be able to identify this medieval wizard as the inventor of Gregory's Unctuous Unction. Though a fine wizard, he is credited for worming his way into King Richard's confidence and making a fortune by administrating his BFF-in-a-vial to the former Muggle ruler.

While Gregory the Smarmy's story may be interesting to some, you might find what he is hiding to be more your scene. Looking closely behind the large man, you just might see a slight opening of a secret passageway. Few, however, have access to the passage and know exactly where it leads because not very many people know how to get the bulky statue to move aside. Trying all of the random passwords you know will result in failure and wasted time. Perhaps you need to take a leaf out of Gregory's book and find a way to excessively flatter him. Good luck.